Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tito the Builder vs. The Corrupt Liberal Media

A short series of videos concisely sums up the absolute corruption of the mainstream media in Election 2008. In these videos you will see two major characters:

  1. Tito Munoz aka "Tito the Builder - An immigrant from Colombia who came to America seeking a better life. He started out as a janitor, then worked his way up and now owns his own small construction company. He has pursued and is achieving the American Dream. That's why the Far Left HATES him!

  2. David Corn aka "David the Journalist" - Was born in liberal America and graduated from prestigious Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He has been a harsh critic of both the CIA and the past Republican administration. His writing has been harshly criticized as "seriously distorting history". He represents everything that is wrong with journalists today in that he cannot stop himself from separating news reporting from editorializing and never criticizes the Obama campaign. In this way, he has become a de facto public relations operative for the Democrats.
Here's how everything got started. This first video has better audio:

But this one offers a better view of Corn, who just cannot remove the condescending smirk from his face. Such condescension is all too typical of the Far Left's derision and dismissal towards all average, hard working Americans:

In case you didn't hear the tax discussion, please play the first video again. Corn is challenged about Joe the Plumber's tax records being uncovered and published by the media. His response? Asking one of the people there whether they pay taxes. Pathetic. Really, really, really pathetic. One has to wonder how David Corn would feel if someone illegally retrieved his personal information and published it?!

Here are two more videos of Tito the Builder being interviewed:

Should McCain pull off a victory next Tuesday, I am convinced that much of the credit should go to the liberal media for their despicable, pompous arrogance. Whether it be Tito the Builder or Joe the Plumber, they just can't hide their elitist disdain for regular folks.

In months past I thought that the Obama Campaign had started a class war of sorts between the African American community and the Middle Class white community. While this has occurred to some extent, what has become more apparent is that a more divisive class war has erupted between:
  1. The Liberal Elites - Who were born into wealth, have gone to the very best Ivy League schools, and were handed prime jobs in business, in government, and in the media - often through family and personal connections. While there's no official royalty in America, these de facto princes and princesses are living their lives as if there is. They've convinced themselves that they are smarter and just generally better than everyone else. They were given the American Dream by their parents and often never appreciated it.

  2. The Rest of Us - Who were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, didn't receive a brand new car on our 16th birthday, didn't have a $50,000 a year Ivy League education and a huge chunk of our first home paid for by daddy's money. We've actually had to go out on our own and work hard for everything we have. Some of us have achieved the American Dream already, some are still working on it, but we've always appreciated the opportunity we've had to pursue it and will never take it for granted.

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nachtwache said...

I was very happy to get your e-mail and see your post :) You're so right! These snobs really delude themselves, thinking they know better, are smarter than the rest; thinking those that don't agree must be stupid.
Maybe the media did some reporting on Obama's unsavory connections, but nowhere near enough, it should be emphasized and brought into the spotlight, as should many important facts about him, how he talks the talk, but doesn't walk it; like his low personal contribution to charity, for one.
Well, we had lots of anti Harper views and ads and still managed to dodge another liberal rule, or, God forbid, NDP!
Lets hope the silent majority in the USA will be out voting for McCain!
If nothing else, we can vent on our blogs, until big brother shuts us down.