Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip Photos: On I-35 from San Antonio to Dallas

50 miles northeast of San Antonio we came upon the Prime Outlets Mall near San Marcos. I couldn't care less and would have passed by it at high speed but it proved to pretty much be mecca to someone else in the car! The mall's claim to fame is to be rated as "The 3rd Best Place to Shop in the World". I will admit that it was pretty darn big!

I spent much of my time enjoying a coffee in the shade at the Starbucks there. Note the Texas star above the sign.
A bit further on we stopped for gas.
I captured this photo to give an indication of the rolling countryside of southern Texas.
And I finally found the "tough looking truck" with a Texas license plate that I had been searching for since our trip began!
There were dozens of these large bugs all over the outside wall of the gas station.

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