Monday, October 20, 2008

Location of the next Liberal Convention

Stephane Dion resigned today, effective as soon as his party selects a new leader.

This evening I heard something very interesting about this upcoming leadership convention. Apparently it's slated to be out here in Vancouver next May. But the Liberal party is broke, to the tune of $6 Million. And with most of their support in Toronto, it makes absolutely no financial sense to fly everyone out to the Left Coast and stay in those expensive Vancouver hotel rooms.

So stay tuned for a switch of venues to The Big Smoke to be announced not too far into the new year ... likely on a Friday afternoon just before a Monday holiday!

How times have changed, eh? For decades we were told that the Liberals were the Natural Governing Party of the People of Canada. In fact, they were the natural favour getting party of about 200 wealthy Canadians. Period.

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