Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Beautiful, Bright Fall Day in Vancouver

Nobody is more critical of Vancouver than me during the October - April period of the year. But on days like today when the air is crisp & cool and the sun is shining brilliantly, I find my hometown to be a real gem.

Here are some photos I took in the Fairview neighbourhood and down at Granville Island.

These cranes are building the 2010 Olympics Athletes Village on the southeast corner of False Creek.

Photo by me, framing by nature.
There are lots of properties available for sale but from what I hear, few are actually being bought. Owners are refusing to lower their prices and buyers are smartly waiting.

With my Canon G9 I went into manual mode and experimented with the amount of light over several shots. This was the best of the lot!
A bunch of totem poles are being carved these days, about 200m east of the market.
These colourful little structures are part of some project by the students of the Emily Carr School of Art.
This is about as commercialized as Granville Island gets.

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nachtwache said...

It was nice today! Good weather for mowing the lawn, which I did.