Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Cannot Help But Feel Pity for Stephane Dion

From the beginning I have felt that Stephane Dion is a well meaning man who believes strongly in his world view. I just don't happen to share his politics and think that his plans would be disastrous for Western Canada. With that in mind, watch this clip:

One thing that is ironic is that earlier today I was told by someone that we must all respect political elites such as Dion. She gave that as one of the reasons she detests Sarah Palin.

Contrast the Dion interview with this recent one of Palin and John McCain:


nachtwache said...

Speaks for itself, doesn't it.

nachtwache said...

I showed both videos to my husband, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, as he watched the interview with Dion. My husband thinks that Dion understood just fine, but didn't have a good answer.
It is rather pathetic. Politics is not for the thin skinned, that's for sure.
Why exactly are we supposed to show respect to Dion but not Palin?

Tammy Brauner said...

I"m a Canadian living in Florida and I am simply appalled at the simplicity we as Canadians and Americans have to vote for. To heck with the white and parliament... lets all meet in Alaska or better yet NWT maybe we can clear up this whole financial mess with a deer hunting trip! HAHA! Seems to be the level the government is taking us!

Tammy Brauner