Thursday, December 11, 2008

How The Radical Left Conducts Polling

There's an hilarious story emerging out of Toronto. It concerns NDP MP Olivia Chow, wife of NDP Leader Jack Layton. She decided to host a poll on her website asking this question:

Olivia Chow plans to oppose Harper's economic statement because it provides no stimulus for the Canadian economy. Do you agree?

What follows is nothing short of pure comedy. When the poll started going against their desired 'Yes' the website admin tried resetting the results!

Let me say that again: Since they didn't like the results of the public poll they were conducting, they decided to change the numbers to what they wanted! If you only want one answer from poll respondents then just provide one possible response:

And you will evidently get the results you want. Here's what Olivia Chow was hoping for:

If memory serves me correctly, that's even better than the results Saddam Hussein used to get concerning his popularity!!!

Then to make matters worse, the Chow team released this press release. Her site wasn't "hacked". If it was then we'd be seeing her with a Hitler moustache. Who knows who voted which way and why but there was an important footnote on SDA.

Looking at the recent election in her riding reveals that she didn't win by much. Olivia Chow probably doesn't remember this election because it's the one that her & her husband completely ignored the results of! But using the same logic as the Coalition supporters, 59% of voters in Trinity-Spadina voted AGAINST her. Perhaps they were the bulk of the ones up at 3am, frustrated about losing their jobs & homes while their pathetic MP is conducting useless polls!!!

This got me thinking about polling in general in Canada and I've come to this pretty obvious conclusion:

Analysis of poll results by the Radical Left:

  1. If they're anti-Harper, anti-Conservative Party then they're "a fair & balanced representation of Canadian views".

  2. If they're pro-Harper or just neutral then "the poll results have been tampered with by a bunch of nefarious 'right wing groups' who don't believe in democracy in Canada!"

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