Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michael Ignatieff Quotation

From Page 30 of The Needs of Strangers (2001) :

Kings in the fullness of their power do not have to speak the language of need. Theirs can be the pure and unjustified language of desire: 'Do it, for it is my wish.' Kings do not have to justify their desires. The most inconsequential of their whims has the force of a command.

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md said...

The beauty of these academic types is that they have spewed forth so much mental masturbation in their careers that any halfway shrewd political opponent can (correctly) paint them as being megalomaniacal and far too dangerous to be put into positions of power. Some manage to get through anyway, but I have this sneaking suspicion Ignatieff has a treasure chest of quotations he'd dearly love to disown right now.