Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Tolerant Left

Watch the reaction to this march in New York City:

It could have taken place in Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon or San Francisco, California or Chicago, Illinois, the reaction would have been very similar.

This is proof positive of liberal hypocrisy and a deep denial of walking their own talk. "Open Mindedness" to a liberal means that they will agree with you only if your views are precisely in lockstep with their own. Welcome to the New America of 2009 - 2012, which historians may very well call the Obamanation Thugocracy.


Brett said...

Not only are democrats the party of hate but leftists will lie, cheat and steal to further thier agenda.

ACORN, who is basically another arm of the Obama campaign, has been accused of voter fraud. Most recently in Indiana they turned in 5,000 voter registration cards. The first 2,100 checked all turned out to be fraudulent, every single one of them.

Pelalusa said...

Thanks for commenting, Brett. But of course, if you or I do so then we are "racists".

For that matter, if Obama says that it's going to be sunny in Chicago tomorrow and anyone says, "I think it'll be cloudy" then they're a racist too. NUTS!