Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ruby, You've Got Some 'Splainin To Do

Some damning documents have been published by the Toronto Star concerning MP Ruby Dhalla's alleged payments to two Filipino nannies.

Based on the receipts containd therein, let do some math:

$250.00 - Payment per week

$6.25 - Hourly rate if the nanny worked 40 hrs/wk
$4.17 - Hourly rate if the nanny worked 60 hrs/wk
$3.13 - Hourly rate if the nanny worked 80 hrs/wk

Priceless - The spin that Ruby Dhalla and the Liberal Party of Canada will attempt trying to explain this!

Incidentally, this puff piece resonates quite differently now, doesn't it?!

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nachtwache said...

Ironic that the writer disagrees with Dhalla about women having more compassion then men, saying some have barely more than Attilla the Hun. Chuckle,snort.... I guess Ms. Dhalla falls into that category, seeing how she treats her female employees.