Saturday, May 30, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Thinks You Are Stupid!

Michael Campbell was on fire this morning, explaining the duplicitous nature of Michael Ignatieff. You can listen to it here at 32:00. Well worth listening to because he describes a fundamental problem with all governments in most countries the world over.


nachtwache said...

Of course he does. I prep school he was even too good to look out for his younger brother and would have nothing to do with him.
Read some of his history.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Iggy's betting that Barnum was right and there's a sucker born every minute. The polls would seem to vindicate the Count and ol' PT; there is one born every minute and a lot of them seem to be in upper and lower canerduh, who of course, decide who will be dictator over all the canerduhs.
Brace yourself, Robert.