Sunday, May 17, 2009

What If . . . We Had Just Passed President Palin's 100 Days?

Victor Davis Hanson takes Barack Obama's actions during the first 100 days of his presidency and juxtaposes them into the scenario of a President Palin presidency. Do you think the media coverage would have been:

  1. Precisely the same
  2. Somewhat the same
  3. Somewhat different
  4. Completely different
Answer that question truthfully and you'll understand how incredibly corrupt the mainstream media is in the Year 2009.

In a parallel thread, have you been following the Telegraph's superb coverage of the rampant corruption amongst MPs in the UK? Imagine that identical corruption had been occurring in the Democrat Party in America. Ask yourself the same question as above about the media coverage of it. Does anyone doubt that we'd have another #4 ???


James Wright said...

I read this earlier in the week...Brilliant article by Mr. Hanson

Pelalusa said...

I hope you (or Damon) talk about it next week, even just for a few minutes!