Monday, May 11, 2009

How To Change Canada's Foreign Policy in 6 Easy Steps!

Update: This is WELL WORTH a listen (beginning at 7:00).


kursk said...

..and remember, using your children as human shields/props only makes you look like you really, really care...

Remember next time to wear Che t-shirts for a more visceral effect..

Winston said...

lol.... funny

Toronto Realtor said...

Pretty funny, sadly true :( ... I never really get the logic behind this, it seems really really stupid to me what these people are doing. I'm always looking for a good reason but I never found one.

Take care, Elli

Pelalusa said...

Hi Elli,

I fully understand that these Tamil people are desperately upset about their family members being hurt or killed back in Sri Lanka.

And I also understand their anger & frustration about why anyone would be more concerned about getting disrupted in traffic than people being hurt or killed.

So I'm empathetic with them to that point. What I don't understand whatsoever is how they can justify fighting with Canadian police officers and illegally blocking roads here in Canada. In fact, I think they've clearly HURT their cause with other Canadians.