Monday, May 18, 2009

The Government: Wayyyyyyyyyy Out of Control

When you read this story from Montreal, please be aware that it is not satire. Big Brother has arrived and he speaks French. Badly.

Mark Steyn has a few thoughts too.

I hope that this case gets similar media exposure as the Robert Dziekanski one did. Sure, no one died here but it is yet another example of the police (and the State) deeply out of control. If Ms. Kosoian decides to sue then I will support her legal defence fund.

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nachtwache said...

Well, they don't like immigrants there. Had this happened to a natural born Quebecer, they'd be up in arms, I'm sure.
Maybe that's an attempt to get those 'darn' immigrants to leave, because they're to blame, after all, that the referendum was defeated.