Friday, May 08, 2009

The Liberal Elitists Join in Dhalla's Attack of Filipino Immigrants

If you'd like to see the opposite of fair & balanced, look at this pro-Dhalla puff piece from CBC News. After reading it, one could only conclude that all 3 Filipino nannies must be lying.

Even worse, is this unbelievable editorial from Don Martin. Here are three key segments:

Ruby Dhalla is the Liberal MP at the epicentre of an incredibly nasty smear campaign as she moves to fight allegations by a pair of Philippine nannies who accuse her of making them work too hard doing menial tasks beyond their job description.

Something doesn’t smell right in having two former nannies step forward a year after they left the Dhalla family’s employment to suddenly complain about conditions that don’t seem unusually onerous for immigrant workers.

To suggest the workers’ alleged mistreatment at being ordered to shovel snow and do cleaning duties at the clinics is all the Brampton MP’s doing is a hard swallow.

I hope that all immigrants are made aware that Don Martin feels it's perfectly fine for them to work 16 hours a day and at much less than the minimum wage.

Folks, the class system is alive and well in Canada, at least in the minds of Liberal elites like Martin!


Charo said...

These kinds of things happen all the time with Filipino live in maids and families of high status or estates, especially in the middle east. It is clear what the motives are for these former maids, and that is to exploit their employer for money and immigration status. I'm surprised this has only become salient in Canada as of late.

Pelalusa said...

Dear Charo,

Precisely what proof do you have that the 3 Filipino maids in question did precisely what you've accused them of?

Fascinating to see a Liberal elitist defend his/her turf!