Thursday, May 14, 2009

Andrew Steele: Lover of Myths

I just heard Charles Adler interview the Globe & Mail's Andrew Steele. I've never heard someone alter the facts in order to support his own theories. Among the many things he said, here were some gems:

  1. Pierre Trudeau was loved by Western Canadians.

  2. Jean Chretien won because he was arrogant.
Do actual F-A-C-T-S not matter to him?


David in North Burnaby BC said...

I recall the one about Turdeau henchman Keith Davey taking a trip to Alberta to gauge public opinion.
Clad in stetson and boots he wanders into a watering hole in Red Deer and gets a drink.
Taking a shot, he declares to all and sundry, "That Trudeau is a real horse's ass!"
At which point the guy beside him lays Davey out on the floor, one punch.
"Wow", the Trueaucrat says, picking himself up, "I didn't know this was Trudeau Country."
"It ain't", comes the reply, "its Horse Country."

And I still have a roll of the famous "Trudeau Two Ply". Yeah, real popular guy. Right.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Oh, I forgot, did this twit have any explanation as to why Mr Popular had exactly one MP west of the Lakehead for 16 years?
And that was a rotten borough in Winnipeg they poured millions into for that pompous lightweight Lloyd Axworthy.