Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mark Steyn Podcast: 75 Minutes of Brilliance!

In a surprise appearance, Mark Steyn guest hosts an Internet podcast. Highly recommended listening!

Update: Welcome SteynOnline readers! As an ancillary suggestion to listening to his podcast, be sure to fill yourselves in on the travesty of rights that has gone on in Montreal.


Hannah said...

Hey- you're linked to by the man himself!

Pelalusa said...


I meant what I said, Mark's talk about liberty (and our diminishing amount of it) was pure brilliance! The very next day I heard about the woman in Montreal getting fined $420 for not holding onto a handrail on an escalator.

Anyone who thinks that Big Brother's encroachment is not a problem really needs to give their head a shake!

P.S. I met Mark in person once, during his "show trial" in Vancouver last year. I saw him at a Starbucks and went up to talk with him. A very memorable moment for me, as he is truly a great man who more people need to listen to!