Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Rhetoric of the Left: A Great Irony

Yesterday I heard a profound comment from a female caller to Dennis Miller's radio program. Prior to her call, there were numerous Left-leaning callers telling Miller how George Bush and the Religious Right dramatically instituted numerous oppressive changes in their lives. When he asked each of them to name just one such change, none of them could name even one.

Then this woman came on the air and noted how ironic it was that people on the Left often decry how the aforementioned villains are supposedly telling all Americans how to run their lives, yet complete ignore the fact that Democrats are striving to control most every facet of their lives when it comes to:

  • What kind of food they can eat
  • What kind of light bulbs they can use
  • Who they can hire
  • Who they can fire
  • What schools they can attend if they are certain ethnicities
  • How much wealth they can achieve
  • The type of cars that can be manufactured
  • Whether they can protect themselves
... and very shortly:
  • What they can say on the Internet
  • What they can listen to on the radio
  • What private companies can pay their employees
To invent fictional boogeymen, yet be completely oblivious to the real losses in freedom that are going on . . . WOW, that takes a certain kind of "special" mindset!

Note: I could have provided examples for EVERY SINGLE point I listed above but just felt it was self-evident for anyone via a quick Google search. However, if anyone wants specific examples on any of the points I've raised, I'd be happy to provide them. However, I don't respond to Anonymous comments anymore.

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