Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Federal Liberals & NDP vs. Common Sense

I've long felt that most Canadians support immigration. I certainly do. But there's an implicit quid pro quo connected to this support. Simply put, Canadians fully expect immigrants to work hard, build a future for themselves, respect Canadian values, and obey the law.

When people come to Canada and claim refugee status, there's an established process they go through to determine if their refugee claim is legitimate. If it is not then they are asked to go home and apply to get into Canada through the normal process. Is that too much to ask? All of the federal NDP MPs and all but one of the federal Liberal MPs think so. They're supporting a private member's bill that will introduce another appeal process into the mix, making it even more difficult to remove from the country those claimants that are deemed to be illegitimate.

If you disagree with this bill then please share your thoughts with Canada's Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney.

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