Monday, May 25, 2009

Proof Positive of the Idiocy of Multiculturalism

Out of Toronto comes a story about a Muslim man filing a formal complaint because another man said "Good morning" to the Muslim man's wife in their shared apartment building hallway.

A dirty little secret amongst Canadians is that Toronto has been lost to the dumbest, most politically correct policies ever conceived in this country.

Incidentally, for those not aware, there is a HUGE difference between the terms "multicultural" and "multiple cultures". The latter is more commonly associated with the "melting pot" concept where people from all over the world harmoniously blend together under one new nation, under one flag, providing a delightful blend of cuisine, art, music, relationships, etc.

But make no mistake, that is NOT what "multicultural" means. It refers to the belief that all cultures & customs are precisely equal and any questioning of any other culture makes you a bigoted racist.

Toronto has been pushing multiculturalism to the extreme for decades and that is why we end up with situations like in this story.

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