Monday, May 25, 2009

Lorne Gunter: The Liberal way with hypocrisy

I LOVE this article by Lorne Gunter! Much of it focuses on the hypocrisy of Liberal party members wrt Ignatieff, but it's the first 2 paragraphs that really hit a chord with me:

What hypocrites the Liberals are. For more than four decades, the Liberal Party of Canada has deliberately confused its policies with our national interest, then labelled as "un-Canadian" anyone who disagreed with them.

Not a fan of government monopoly health care? You're un-Canadian. Not big on easy unemployment benefits, official bilingualism, dismantling our military, beggaring our economy in the name of environmentalism, coddling criminals, huge public debts, activist judges, multiculturalism, foreign investment reviews, national energy policies and so on? Shame on you for being so un-Canadian.

Throughout my adult life, I've been to social gatherings in Vancouver and Victoria and Toronto and Montreal and Sudbury and Ottawa and Kitchener and . . . where I've heard such nonsense spewing out of the mouths of ignorant sheeple who thought it "completely inappropriate" [and un-Canadian] for me to express any ideas that didn't echo those of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Bravo Mr. Gunter, Bravo!

Update: You can hear Lorne Gunter discuss his article here @ 7:00.

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