Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Tamil Protest in Toronto: What is Michael Ignatieff Up To?

In case you haven't yet heard, thousands of Tamil protesters shut down the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. They were there to coerce the Canadian government into following their demands.

Most Canadians do not know enough about the situation in Sri Lanka to have any idea whether their cause is just or not. However, their tactics are deplorable. Are we now going to be getting every single expat group under the sun shutting down major traffic arteries across Canada in order to change Canadian foreign policy?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wasn't prepared to be held hostage politically by these protesters but Michael Ignatieff, sensing a political opportunity, has apparently caved into their demands.

SDA regular 'ET' shares her thoughts:

The latest news - is that Ignatieff has moved in for the Vote.

He's contacted these Tamils, who have attacked our police, and have held the public hostage by taking over a major highway- well, Ignatieff has supported their violation of the Rule of Law and their behaviour within the Rule of Force.

He's told them that HE will bring up, to his caucus, tomorrow, the issue of asking the govt to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka.

Ahh, Ignatieff. Think what he has done. The Tamils have violated our laws; they have taken Toronto commuters hostage; they have made unreasonable demands - that they will use their Rule of Force to make the govt do what THEY want to a foreign country.

So, Ignatieff moves in for 'the kill'. Just like the Tamils, he's violating the Rule of Law. He's after their vote. He says HE accepts their agenda; HE accepts that sanctions against Sri Lanka should be put in place.

And, when Harper disagrees, as he probably will, well - Ignatieff gets the Tamil Vote!!!

Ahh, the Liberals. Trust them to cheat, lie, manipulate and use people. For their own agenda. Power. Just personal power.

So, we have the Tamils using Power to achieve their agenda of making our govt do what THEY want, not what our gov't wants. And we have Ignatieff using Power to achieve..votes..for power.

Posted by: ET at May 11, 2009 12:07 AM

Update: The power of the Internet over traditional media proves itself once again. Someone has created a brand new blog to showcase a succession of photos which clearly ilustrates how the Tamil protesters broke through police lines and up onto the Gardiner Expressway.

Lest we forget, Michael Ignatieff CAVED INTO the THUGS at the front of this group who appear to have attacked brave but clearly helplessly outnumbered police officers. Not a leader, just an Appeaser!

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Winston said...

I remember these terrorists were major fundraisers for liberals before. right?