Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BC Liberals Defeat the NDP!

Though my political views don't align perfectly with the BC Liberals, they were by FAR the least worst option. It's only 1.5 hours after the polls closed but the people of B.C. have made the right decision. Congratulations to Gordon Campbell and his MLAs!!!

As for the socialist hordes on Vancouver Island who gave the NDP an almost perfect sweep there, clearly public sector union members are living in a very different reality than those of us here on Planet Earth.

Update: Walter Schultz has an interesting synopsis of why the NDP lost.


Anonymous said...

Well my riding of Parksville-Qualicum held back the socialist hordes on the island to eek out a small Liberal stronghold.

All hope is not lost for the island.


Pelalusa said...

Hey, if one's lifestyle is completely financed by the generosity of the public trough then of course one votes for whomever keeps that trough the most full. Quite pathetic though!

jwkozak91 said...

Hey Robert,

I'd like to hear your opinion: If Vicki Huntington is declared elected in Delta South, will she sign up to a party; and if so, which one?

Cheers, jwkozak91.

Pelalusa said...

I must confess that I don't know much about Ms Huntington. My uncle is in her riding and voted against Oppal, I'm assuming for her.

I don't know enough of her politics to know what she might do if she wins. In terms of prominence, it seems to be she'd find it favourable to stay as an Independent. Unless, perhaps, a Cabinet Minister position is dangled in front of her.

Are you in her riding? What do you think?

jwkozak91 said...

No, I'm not in her riding; I'm not even in the province! I'm here because of your work on SDA; you're my window on politics in the Lower Mainland, so I thought that you would be better informed than I am!

From what I gathered from a short story on CTVNewsNet, apparently Ms. Huntington was a vocal part of the opposition to the new Delta port. I, however, don't know what that means!

What I meant by "signing up to a party" was that she could also be either the first Green MLA or (cross-fingers-knock-on-wood) BC Conservative MLA.

Pelalusa said...

The Deltaport controversy has to do with reparations given to the Tsawwassen First Nations band by the BC government. Land will be purchased through force of law from farmers in the area, not a whole lot different from the way it's done when a freeway is put through a city.

Anyhow, Vicki Huntington was very much against that, as were many voters in Delta

I just read a little about her. She used to be connected with the federal PCs. So I doubt she will ever go over to the Green Party.