Thursday, May 07, 2009

Caption Contest

The top image shows Ruby Dhalla, Antonia Zerbisias, & Heather Mallick, 3 well-off Canadian women who proudly call themselves liberals ... and in all cases, most likely "Liberals" too.

This next image shows Magdalene Gordo and Richelyn Tongson, two Filipino nannies who worked for Dhalla and her family.

Eventually I want to join the two images together but each needs a caption. The pair of captions should naturally connect together. Please submit your best pair of captions that clearly illustrates the hypocrisy of Michael Ignatieff's recent assertion that the Liberal Party of Canada best understands and supports women.

In case you've forgotten, here are a few images of Ignatieff, locked hand-in-hand with Ruby Dhalla, at the end of his "victory" speech in Vancouver:

And lest we forget, here's video from March 17, 2009 of Ruby Dhalla condemning the Conservatives for a lack of concern about women:

Perhaps she meant "all women in Canada except those with the last name of "Gordo" and "Tongson" ?!?

Anyhow, all submissions will be judged by yours truly and a team of crack judges (aka a few buddies over some beers). The winner will get a high-resolution digital copy of any one of my thousands of photographs that they desire. Each is perfect for enlarging and hanging in your home!


robins111 said...


The Sea Hags

Pelalusa said...

Morning Idea:

Top: We are the Liberal Elites!

Bottom: And you are not. :-(

Postscript: But do support us and one day, after you've worked for us for years at less than minimum wages, then we may toss you a bread crumb and invite you to one of our fabulous parties.

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Helen Reddy;
I am Liberal woman hear me roar!
My ego is too big to ignore!

feel free to add lots more verses

Bec said...


Lay-dies, get THEM on their knees,ladies


We have learned, Canadian feminism means, never having to say your sorry.

Anonymous said...

The Amiganistas
"we don't need no stinkin' morals"

Anonymous said...

Gordo and Tongson aren't women, they're domestics. And they don't have rights they have duties. About 16 hours worth of duties every day. They not only don't have time for rights, they probably wouldn't know what to do with them if they had them.