Thursday, May 07, 2009

Canada's Dangerous Dance with Official Multiculturalism

I was reading this posting on SDA, when I came across this comment:

I think all of you that attack Ms. Dhalla are closet racists. She is Indian, and India continues to recognize the Caste system. Ms. Dhalla has simply imported that feature of her culture to Canada and engaged people of a lesser Caste to act as housekeepers.

Remember, Diversity and Multiculturalism are Canadian values. Those of you who are critical of her are abandoning those important values.

Posted by: Gurgit Dharani at May 7, 2009 1:26 PM

Is Gurgit Dharani for real?!?

Assuming so, he exemplifies what has gone so terribly wrong with Canada.

I first learned from Mark Steyn the true meaning of the world "multiculturalism". I used to think it meant "a wonderful mixing of cultures all under the flag of Canada". But it doesn't mean that to all to the likes of Gurgit Dharani. Rather, to him & his ilk it means that all cultures and all cultural traditions, no matter how reprehensible to traditional Canadian values, are perfectly fine.

And the Liberal and NDP parties encourage folks like him to the extreme!

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