Saturday, December 06, 2008

Vancouver's Rally For Canada

I was pleasantly surprised to see hundreds & hundreds of people out on a cold, miserable, rainy day. Never before have I felt so proud to be a Canadian. It was a great event!

This sign reads: "[Jack] Layton ignores the public opinions, harming Canada's benefit". Translation courtesy of Olive Wong from UBC (Thanks!)


Chris in MB said...

"...on a cold, miserable, rainy day"

oh my! are you people soft!
Winnipeg was -30c wind-chill. My fingers still aren't functioning properly 6 hours later. ;)

Pelalusa said...

Chris, I take your point and fully admit that Vancouverites are big wimps!

But I should also let you know that I lived for 2 yrs in Lynn Lake, MB where it was often -30C to -40C without any wind chill. I then lived in Sudbury, ON for 5 yrs where it was PDC (Pretty Damned Cold!) much of the time too.

But I think the human body gets accustomed to wherever it resides for awhile. It really was cold & miserable here in Vancouver today!

hms victory said...

I have to say that it's quite moving to see this country get all passionate about this event, whether for or against the coalition. I was too young to recall anything about Meech Lake, but was old enough to be aware that not since the 1995 Quebec Referendum are emotions this high.

And for once our political situation has made Canada a news story on BBC World News...quite an accomplishment considering the fact that Canada has rarely been newsworthy enough to make it on such a worldwide broadcast.

Pelalusa said...

HMS, dare I ask what the tone of the coverage was? Might you have the link of the segment?

nachtwache said...

Thanks for the pictures. I would have liked to be there too, but it wasn't meant to be.
I like it fine if Canada doesn't get much news coverage from the rest of the world because bad news gets covered much more than good.

hms victory said...

I have to say that it was pretty boring and if to give off the impression that the current political situation of Canada is of no importance or reverence at all to the world at large compared to the coverage a similar event might have received if it took place in a European country, or in a potentially volatile region like India or Pakistan, or any other major country like Russia, Japan or Australia.

So while the reporting of the event was neutral and gives basic information to an international audience, this might as well have happened in Central American or Africa given the effort of the piece. Especially the stock footage used towards the ending...=)

Still, it was nice to see the Maple Leaf flag displayed on screen while the newsreader read the briefing (not in clip)

Chris in MB said...

Just try explaining this complicated situation to an American audience who have no background. I was forced to several times when I came across lefties spreading misinformation down south. :P