Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Coalition's Cap & Trade Plan

There's a critically important fact of the Coalition's plan that has gone under the radar. I first learned of it from Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall in an interview with him here. The interview starts at 8:35, but his pertinent comment starts at 9:50.

Premier Wall points out that the Coalition's Cap & Trade plan is to impose absolute limits on emissions, setting them at 1990 levels. He adds that Saskatchewan is about 60% above that now. One can reasonably assume that Alberta and B.C. are similarly way above those 1990 levels.

Do people fully understand what it will require to quickly remove 40% of our emissions? If anyone believes it can be done with "technology" then please:

  1. Tell me precisely what technology.
  2. How much this will cost each company and each individual.
To double check Premier Wall's statement I went right to the Coalition source: It states:

We will work with our North American Partners to pursue a North American cap-and-trade market with absolute emission targets, using 1990 as the base year.

Why has this not been a headline news story? Why has there not been an investigative story by our mainstream media, showing what the repercussions of this policy would be?

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