Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pre-Rally Thoughts

I read this posting and immediately had these thoughts:

I’m a strong Conservative supporter but I want an election that has only one Coalition candidate per riding facing each Conservative opponent. I concede that such a move would heighten the chances of the Coalition by eliminating vote splitting. Why would I want this? Because it’s long overdue to get resolved the most important question in our country: “Which direction do we want to head?”

Those on the far right have been sure. Those of us on the moderate right have been sure. But everyone left of that has been in LaLaLand about what they want. The only thing they think they’re sure of is that Stephen Harper is an “evil maniac”. And why do they think this? Because they’ve had a beer with him and saw horns growing out of the top of his head? No, it’s because this is the image that the mainstream media has painted for them, day after day, month after month, year after year. And like mindless Sheeple, they've let the brainwashing occur, the propaganda flow directly into their craniums. No questions asked.

I'm tired of disingenuous Coalition supporters stating that 62% of Canadians support the Coalition. I'm tired of phoney university professors, all of whom appear to support either the Liberals or the NDP, exclaiming what a "dangerous precedent" has been set by giving MPs an extended Christmas holiday. Mostly, I'm tired of all of them and their friends & lovers in the mainstream media treating us like chumps, like rubes, like suckers playing a slot machine that has a Coalition member behind, fixing the results each time. Note to you disingenuous con-artists: We have eyes & ears & brains and can look behind your great big PR machine and see what's really going on.

So decision time is near. Not for us on the right. It’s clear how we’ll vote. Rather, it’s time for those on the left to put their money, their livelihoods, and the future of their children on the line and decide whether they REALLY feel that a government run by liberals, socialists, and separatists is in their best interest.

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