Monday, December 08, 2008

Radical Leftist Exposed

I thought I had heard some crazy things before but this surely takes the gold medal prize. Scroll down and listen to the audio recording. So much incredible anger in that woman! You can visit her website here.


shippedout said...

Richard has been mocking her for years, it's not as if she has gone out of her way to remove the target "she" painted on herself.

What this woman is doing, is using the net as surrogate mental heath clinic and expects the world to "feel my pain" instead of going to a brain mechanic for professional help. When she has her BS called by people like Richard.......down the memory hole it goes.

The recent comment by Mary at her site:

"My god sister. Are you still waving your poor me, my uterus is right and yours is wrong because you are pro-life, rant around the net?

For a woman that professes too not trust anything with balls, you certainly like to wave yours around.(like you have some)

When I first landed on your site along time ago I could not believe another woman would go out of her way to let the whole world "Feel my pain" while ranting at your fellow sister's due to their differing out look on life.

I also see the target that you have painted on yourself has gotten considerably bigger and brighter, hence the ongoing efforts of your long time troll Richard Evans.

Says it all.

nachtwache said...

If she's so angry, what she might really be is depressed.