Friday, December 05, 2008

Positive Signs All Around

Great news is all around us! A new poll by COMPAS Inc. Public Opinion and Customer Research reveals some startling, though not unexpected findings:
If you don't immediately grasp the enormity of 51% support for the Conservatives, then look historically at the Top 10 elections ever in terms of the popular vote:

My only hope is that no one takes this strong support for granted! Indeed, the actions of the Coalition have suddenly awoken the Silent Majority. And they're angry, really angry! But the holidays are coming up and then winter sets in. Through it all our corrupt media, lead by CBC News, will be working hand-in-hand with their friends & lovers in the Liberal and NDP parties to unseat the Conservatives. And this past week has showed us all to what extent they'll go and what false rhetoric (remember the 62% nonsense) they're prepared to use in order to unseat the democratically elected Conservatives. If you care about our democracy then I strongly encourage to show up for tomorrow's rallies. It IS imporant!


Anne in sw ON said...

This was the piece that put a little more spring to my step:

Given the situation in the economy and in Parliament, in whom do you have the most confidence as Prime Minister?

Steven Harper
All-48 West-61 ON-53 QC-24

Michael Ignatieff
All-14 West-8 ON-8 QC-29

Stephane Dion
All-8 West-5 ON-9 QC 11

Jack Layton
All-11 West-8 ON-12 QC-11

Gilles Duceppe
All-3 West-1 ON-0 QC-9

Even with Ignatieff as a possible choice "given the situation" (which won't change any time soon), Harper still comes out head and shoulders above. The only place Ignatieff leads is in Quebec. And even there he leads Duceppe.

Pelalusa said...

Thank you for this update, Anne!

You know what, Anne, as time marches forward, Ignatieff's popularity will likely go up, even if it's just as a counterbalance to Harper.

I firmly believe that 2 strong parties are a healthy thing for a democracy; I should add, unless they're Radical Leftist parties. So the future of our country will hopefully only get brighter!