Friday, December 05, 2008

Hypocrisy Test

Ezra Levant has written frequently about the head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Bernie Farber. Here's a recent example.

Yesterday an event occurred which is a major slap in the face to all Jewish people. With a big smile on my face I decided to send out the following e-mail:

Dear Mr. Farber:

I just checked your website and saw that you have not yet learned about the horrible, horrible thing said by a Canadian Member of Parliament yesterday. Here it is:

Big Loser: Derek Lee. CBC was desperate to fill air time as they waited for Stephen Harper to finish his chat with Michaelle Jean, so they made the mistake of interviewing Lee, who promptly compared Harper's request to suspend Parliament to the burning of the German Reichstag by the Nazis in 1933. Yeah Derek, they're exactly alike: a party of murderous thugs burning Parliament to the ground is just like the Prime Minister driving to Rideau Hall to request a temporary halt in proceedings while he prepares a budget. How astute of you to spot the similarities.


Mr. Farber, as a prominent Jewish leader in our country, I think you must agree that it is absolutely outrageous for any Canadian to compare the government in our country with the one in Nazi Germany that did such horrific things to your ancestors. But for a Member of Parliament to say such things is beyond the pale! I am not familiar with Derek Lee but am confident that you will demand a public apology from him. Also, he was being interviewed by Don Newman at the time. Mr. Newman didn't feel any need to object to the comment either. Is this also not a slap in the face to all Jewish people to allow such comments to go unchallenged? I have found the CBC Ombudsman's contact info for you:

Finally, I know you're a strong supporter of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, so I'm thinking you may very well consider launching a complaint with them against both Mr. Lee and Mr. Newman.

  1. Chance of him responding: 5%
  2. Chance of him publicly complaining about Lee or Newman: 0%
  3. Hypocrisy: Priceless!

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RedShoesBigTiara said...

How astute of you to create a letter full of leading questions. There won't be a response, because if he does, he would have to openly disagree with you!