Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Letter to the Governor General

To: Her Excellency,
The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada

Dear Madame,

I am writing you with grave concerns about the enormous perception of injustice resulting from what's occurring in Ottawa right now. Simply put, many, many Canadians, especially here in Western Canada where I live, believe that our democratically elected federal government is being hijacked by a group of politicians who never received the mandate to govern.

No one that I know of is saying that "The Coalition" can't rule Canada. All that we're demanding is that they present their case to the People of Canada and let the voters decide.

The Coalition and their supporters keep telling us that they have support from over 62% of the electorate. Fine. Then prove it! Let The Coalition run head-to-head with the Conservatives. In a given riding The Coalition should run only one candidate in total, chosen from one of the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Quebecois/Green Party partners. Let this candidate face the Conservative candidate head-on.

Who can possibly argue with this? It will be the best spent $300 Million in this country's history. And this money, by the way, gets injected back into the economy anyway, providing an immediate down payment on the economic stimulus that The Coalition is demanding. So when that 62% support for The Coalition translates into a majority of seats for them, they can then spend their planned $30 Billion as well.

I do not hide the fact that should the Conservatives lose this election then I will be sad. But at the same time, I will completely accept that this is the collective choice that my fellow Canadians have made.

An added benefit of this plan I am presenting to you is it will guarantee that a majority party will be elected and that government stability in Ottawa is finally achieved, which everyone agrees is what we truly need right now.


Robert W.
Vancouver, BC

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