Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gary Mason: In the West, a deep sense of betrayal

I think that finally the message is getting through to the mostly liberal (and Liberal) MSM. A prime example of this is Gary Mason's column in the Globe and Mail today. Here's a snippet:

In all my years listening to the callers who make talk radio in Vancouver such a hit, I have never heard such anger. Of the dozens who phoned in yesterday morning to Bill Good's No. 1-rated talk show on CKNW, calls were running 95 per cent against the coalition. If there were Liberals and New Democratic supporters out there who thought the coalition was a good idea, they weren't dialling in.

But the coalition partners have no interest in [giving up their chance at power]. It's all about power now, power they couldn't have imagined a month ago. Power they will do anything for, even if it means holding hands with separatists.

This is the part of the deal that many Canadians find so vile and unseemly. It is certainly the element that has upset British Columbians.

How do you bury your values and ideals, your sense of country, to that degree and have any credibility left?

As one caller to Mr. Good said: "When I heard that I felt sick to my stomach."

I think that's how a lot people continue to feel today. There is something morally dishonest about what the Liberals and the NDP are trying to do, and both parties are taking an enormous risk proposing it.

Make no mistake though, the battle isn't over yet. Their are still plenty of corrupt talkshow hosts and an endless stream of "professors" who will sell the best interests of Western Canadians down the river in a Toronto minute. For them, their loyalty to the Magnanimous Liberal Party of Canada overrides all other considerations. So keep on fighting folks!

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