Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rally for Canada - Protest Slogans

In anticipation of this Saturday's Rally For Canada event, I've thought up some protest slogans which would be perfect for signs. Never in my life have I ever attended such a protest but our Democracy is much too important to sit back and do nothing ... no matter how much our corrupt, deeply biased media tells us that we should act like Sheeple and complacently let our democratic vote be stolen.

If you have more ideas for slogans please leave a comment. Be sure to leave at least your first name and your community/province as readers will appreciate knowing where a slogan came from.

Here's my first set, which I will expand as more good ones come to my attention:

They may be the
Coalition of the Willing

But First they must Ascertain
the Willingness of The People!

The Coalition's Path to Power:
Constitutional Legitimacy: 100%
Democratic Legitimacy: 0%

The Democratic Right of the People
is NOT just an American Value!

Live Free or Die!

We Will NOT Let
141 Years of Democracy

Be Discarded Overnight!

Jack & Gilles Went
Up the Hill
But Quickly Forgot
The People's Will!

Stephane & Jack:
Stop this Madness
And Get Your Integrity
Back Before Xmas!

We believe the Coalition
has every right to govern...
ONCE they get a mandate
FROM the People!


Anonymous said...

Lots of ideas. Jack and Steph should be

Jack and Gilles went up the Hill

(It seems clear that this was a deal worked out already by the Bloc and NDP; the Liberals were brought on board as puppets. I personally believe the deal was in place before the election, and that had the Liberals taken power the Tories would have been wooed.)

I don't think it will be long before Jack falls down and breaks his crown. Unfortunately I don't think Gilles will be tumbling after -- he goes home a winner regardless.

I like Ezra Levant's turn of phrase on the matter, which I embellish as

Welcome to the People's Ad-hocracy of Canada!

How about a blow to the pocketbooks:

Memo to Stephan, Jack and Gilles from your constituents: We want our $1.95 back!

A message to the ones who really hold the balance of power in this game:

A bribe for Grit backbenchers: In exchange for crossing the floor ... you get your personal integrity back, and the respect of your consituents.

Mike Corbin said...

My idea for a political slogan could go on t-shirts and posters etc...

I see the nicest possible picture of "smiling Jack Layton" with the slogan " my hidden agenda is Separatism".


Another one with the nicest possible picture of Smilin' Jack with the slogan " Scary Politician with a Separatist hidden agenda"