Friday, December 12, 2008

The "Hate Men" Agenda is Alive & Well in California

One of my regular correspondents has provided me with two preliminary photos from his school, the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB). With apologies for the poor photo quality, here is an example of the degrading propaganda that male students (and female students) must endure on a regular basis there:

In case you couldn't read the words, here are two choice quotations:

  • "Male privilege is being proud of not raping anyone while failing to take action to change men who do."

  • "Male privilege is getting paid more for the same job."
One cannot read such hateful vitriol without reflecting on Barbara Kay's recent column on the myths of male violence toward women. The whole problem with the Radical Left agenda being practiced at UCSB is that it promotes all women as victims and all men as potential rapists, but guilty regardless. If you think this has no effect on twisting the minds of vulnerables souls then let's not forget this woman in Calgary.

Please read Barbara Kay's column and then look at those photographs again.

Further to this, imagine if similar groups launched a campaign against the "sins" of white males. Would it be very difficult to imagine slogans like these:
  • "White male privilege is being proud of not ever hanging a black man from a tree but failing to actively ensure that no white men ever do so again."

  • "White male privilege is getting paid more for the same job than minorities. Disclaimer: This comment does not apply to Asian men & women."

  • "White male privilege is feeling comfortable that you can date women of any ethnicity but not feeling guilty about the challenges faced by your minority brothers to date white women."

  • "White male privilege is feeling good to be alive while failing to spend every waking moment atoning for the sins of your fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and every damn male in your family before that!"

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