Friday, December 12, 2008

The Liberal Party of Canada's Marriage to The Mainstream Media

This morning, one of my great readers, John, posted this interesting tidbit. I wasn't surprised to hear that the Globe & Mail's Gloria Galloway has a direct connection (her husband) to the Liberal Party of Canada but I wasn't aware of it. His comment inspired me to create this diagram:

Everyone in B.C. who pays attention to politics is brutally aware who Christy Clark's husband is.

I want to significantly expand this diagram so that all Canadians can see just how interconnected our mainstream media is with the Liberal Party of Canada. Please leave me tips publicly or privately as per your preference. Thank you.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Well, there's Canwest aka the Aspers of Winnie-the-Pooh-peg. The late patriarch of the family and founder of the firm, Israel (Izzy) was leader of the partie liberal du Manitoba for 5 years in the early 70s and his media empire reflects that to this day.

Pelalusa said...

Thank you, David. Though right now I'm looking for direct spousal or family connections.

For example, Jane Taber is married to a fellow named David F. Guy. Apparently he used to work for the Ottawa Citizen. I'd be most curious if he was involved with the Liberal Party of Canada today.

Anonymous said...

Re, Jane Taber and David F Guy, I looked and have not found anything yet but.... (you may have these)

CTV, Craig Oliver, close personal friend of, PET.

Justin Trudeau, married to Sophie Gregoire (CTV Quebec television personality)

Deborah Coyne, dated and had daughter with PET, cousin to journalist, Andrew Coyne.

She was married to and is divorced from, Michael Valpy who writes for the Globe and Mail. (author involved with Ignatieff books too, I think)

Cheers, (Bec)

John said...

The following was copied from the lying jackals Musings on Oct. 22. CTV and the Lib connections...

"A lot of Liberal friends are angry with CTV for the stunt they pulled with Stéphane Dion at the end of the campaign, and for their apparent enthusiasm for the likes of Messrs. LeDrew and Heard et al. And things like that.

They should be: CTV broke their journalistic word with the Dion interview, and their reliance on the likes of LeDrew and Heard doesn't serve their audience very well (although I suppose it's entertaining). But to fulminate and froth about CTV, as assorted Grits are now doing, makes you sound like crazy Blogging Tory fringe people, going on and on about mainstream media conspiracies".

Here's what I know:

• the head of CTV, Ivan Fecan, headed a major fundraiser for Jean Chrétien
• one of his senior Vice Presidents, Paul Sparkes, was Chrétien's Director of Operations
• the network's pollster, Peter Donolo, was Chrétien's Director of Communications
• Craig Oliver was one of the closest people to Pierre Trudeau, and used to go on annual canoe trips with him
• Jane Taber used to be regularly mocked by Frank magazine for being a Liberal shill
• Roger Smith's wife was a senior aide to Trudeau
• Jim Munson, a Liberal Senator, became a Chrétien aide after leaving a senior spot at CTV
• Mike Duffy is a creampuff, and has loyal friends in every party
• Seamus O'Regan hangs out with Justin Trudeau and Dalton McGuinty's former Principal Secretary
• Rosemary Thompson is a sweetheart, and used to date Liberals at Carleton (the shame!)
• Bob Fife would take down anyone, if they deserved it, regardless of party affiliation.
___copied from WK__________
I would add:
Fife filed one particular live story during the last election about Danny William's brutal cold warrish blockade against all Newfoundland federal conservative candidates. 2 minutes on TV then pulled. It never re-appeared again justifiably or not. Thereafter not much nuance to the ABC campaign.

Pelalusa said...

Thanks, Bec & John. When Sophie Gregoire moves to mainstream news then she needs to go onto the chart.

IMHO Bob Fife is one of the few journalists in Ottawa who GETS IT - ie. a journalist should NEVER become a friend of politicians, PR companies, etc. But it seems that 98% of them do. :-(