Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trip Photos: Seattle & Ft. Worth

I'm long behind in posting photos from my trip. I'm going to catch up now!

SeaTac Airport

Fort Worth, Texas
We went to a restaurant called Joe T. Garcia's. From the outside it looks like a simple little place but it has got to be the LARGEST restaurant I've ever been to!

It's like a collection of indoor and outdoor eating venues, each very different in appearance. The food was quite basic but was decent Mexican food. I got the sense that most people go here for the atmosphere, which was grand.
The cutest baby we met on our trip!
After dinner we drove a few blocks over to the Ft. Worth Rodeo. It's held every Friday & Saturday evening and is billed as the largest indoor rodeo in the U.S.

Here's a father & daughter enjoying the show.
The woman on the left was quite the character. She was clearly "under the influence" but was a happy drunk, providing an additional show to the audience nearby!

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