Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trip Photos: Our First Texas BBQ

For weeks (okay, days) all our Chicago friend, Kristi, had been talking about was trying out the famous BBQs scattered throughout Texas. We happened upon our first one on the drive from Ft. Worth to Austin.
The "Worst Bar-B-Q" moniker of Rudy's must be some sort of inside joke because their food was superb! Only later did we learn that they were a chain restaurant but my stomach didn't hold that against them!

This cooler was a glorious site on such a hot day.

Dr. Pepper actually originates from Texas though I remember drinking it as a kid. Kristi said that this version available only in the state of origin is made with cane sugar. It went really well with the BBQ'd meat.
Here's my mom and Kristi enjoying a fine albeit simple meal.

These bags were hanging above our heads throughout the restaurant. We inquired and were told that they keep the flies away. We're not sure how but trust that they do.

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