Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Heather Mallick: Now the Permanent Victim

The CBC's Heather Mallick is out with the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of her vicious, hateful attacks on Sarah Palin. This time though, she's feeling verrrrrrry sorry for herself.

Here's what Jonathan Kay had to say about it.

And here's the comment I left on the CBC site:

I am a Canadian living in Vancouver, Ms. Mallick. I also have a university degree. Being an educated urban Canadian, does that mean I have the right to comment on your writing without receiving ad hominem attacks from you?

You, madam, are a vulgar twit with the arrogance the height of an oak tree but the wisdom the size of an acorn. You've clearly spent most of your life with the "Yes" crowd or else were in complete denial about those chastising you ... probably most often for your own good. But you chose to listen to no one.

Now my tax dollars have gone to paying you to write a sob-ridden "I'm The Victim" missive. About the only positive thing this latest piece accomplished was to justify bringing back the violin section of the CBC orchestra. That's what most readers will be hearing in their heads, reading your truly pathetic pity piece.

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nachtwache said...

You sure told her! Wow!
I've been posting pro Conservative comments on Avaaz's anti Harper facebook site. Been riling some of them :) I've been told, that I'm shockingly naive and advised not to have children.... quite amusing.