Friday, October 17, 2008

Discussion with a Derangement Syndrome Victim

After referring a Democrat voter to the Liberal Escape Plan comedy video here's the discussion that transpired between us:

Her: "Thank you for that. But how did you know I'm not for McCain!?!? ;-) It's because I travel and am automatically an intelligent person who understands that knowledge of foreign affairs extends beyond looking over Russia's borders, isn't it!?!?!"

Me: "I travel and probably know more about American and global politics than most Americans. Yet I think that Obama will be the worst disaster your country has ever encountered. Is it okay for me to have a differing opinion than you or am I automatically a moron for not agreeing?"

Her: "Absolutely not! I have a very open mind. But he at least is not evil like McCain."

That's a great conversation ender. The thing is, the last sentence from her was not made tongue-in-cheek.

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