Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Reporter Mocking Stephane "Webcam Boy" Dion

In case you missed it, besides being provided very late, here was the "not ready for primetime" address from Dion, filmed on what looks like a $39.95 webcam:

Is this not proof that their truly is a God?!?

Update #1: Ezra Levant has a lot more details on what transpired this evening. Remember, this is the leader of the team that wants to seize power from the government we elected. He claims he knows how to run things better.

Update #2: Adam Rawanski has written an article entitled "Dion's Amateur Hour". Here's a key segment:

The presentation itself was plainly appalling. At a time when he needed to look reassuring, to look prime ministerial, he looked exactly the way the Conservatives have been trying to portray him - like the leader of some sort of third-rate coup, being filmed in his hideout with one of his accomplices sticking a cheap video camera in his face.

I'm aware this sounds trivial. It's not. And any commentator who overlooks the presentation tonight is being way too kind.

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