Monday, December 01, 2008

The Poor Math Skills of the Left

Le Cabal de Trois has just announced that they plan to spend $30 Billion once they seize power from the democratically elected government. If you think that this money will be spread evenly and spent wisely then you are dreaming! It will be absolutely wasted on corporate welfare and union welfare.

At the same time, the supporters of Le Cabal are adamant that "there's no need for another election". "After all," they add, "it would cost $300 Million."

Our friends on the Left clearly must have failed Grade 8th Math. To help them out, let's illustrate with big bold digits precisely the difference:

  • Option #1: Hold an Election - Cost: $300,000,000.00

  • Option #2: Avoid an Election - Cost: $30,000,000,000.00
Option #2 will be ONE HUNDRED times more expensive than Option #1. And if the people of Canada so decide in their favour, then Le Cabal de Trois can still spend the huge amount a few months later.

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