Monday, December 01, 2008

Canada's New Chinese Government

Listening to Bill Good this morning has been beyond frustrating. He quoted an unnamed Liberal Member of Parliament who said, "People probably won't like it, but if we provide good government, they'll accept it."

Norman Spector cynically (and rightly!) responded, "Well then why do we have elections? We should just have the Chinese system. That's exactly what the Chinese government says: 'We can deliver the goods. We're improving your standard of living. You don't need a democratic system of government.' "

It would be most interesting if Good revealed precisely which MP said that to him!

All of this made me think of a good slogan for Le Cabal de Trois: "Vote for us and have good government, just like in China!" If you'd like to listen to the entire discussion, just click here.

In anticipation of this takeover, I've created the perfect flag for them:


Edward Teach said...

Where's the hammer and sickle?

Pelalusa said...

Edward, the first version was based purely on the current Chinese flag. But I believe you are correct. It's so updated!

Anonymous said...

Guys, latest rumor has it that Three Stooges Government in Waiting already has a blessing of Barrak Obama, US President in waiting. Allegedly new Ambassador of Three Stooges Government contacted the White House trying to secure audience with President Obama only to be told that this dreaded G.W. Bush was still there. Plans for televised meeting betwen Obama and Three Stooges in Oval office had to be postponed until some time next year as G.W. Bush refused his permission to use of Oval Office on emergency basis even on a weekend despite the gravity of political crisis in Canada.