Monday, December 01, 2008

Memo to the Premiers of B.C., Alberta, & Saskatchewan

What I would like to see is [at least] the 3 most Western premiers hold a joint press conference and say the following:

We recognize that our country has hit a constitutional brick wall. But we adamantly oppose the idea of a transfer of power occurring in this way. So we respectfully request that the Governor General let the people of Canada decide which path this country takes. It is too important to do otherwise.

Do you think they might do this?

Feel free to write them yourself by clicking here.


Tom said...

What brick wall are you talking about? A straightforward coalition government is undemocratic to you, so you propose that the Queen's representative choose the government by fiat? Please give up the screeching, and accept that a majority of Canadians voted *against* the Conservatives. Harper was not willing to govern in a manner consistent with that political fact, and is now paying the (constitutional, democratic, 'precedented') price.

Pelalusa said...

Tom, do you feel you're more mathematically challenged or historically challenged? You do realize, do you not that the Liberal Party talking about "a majority of Canadians voted against the Conservatives" is disingenuous and makes you look like a complete fool?

Please read this.

There is no precedent for such a takeover of government in Canadian history. No, Tom, there is not. I'm bored to have to explain to you why there isn't with 1985 in Ontario and 1926 in Canada.

CLEARLY the right thing for the GG to do is to authorize another election. I doubt she will, but she should.

Why are you so against, Democracy, Tom?