Monday, December 01, 2008

Canadians, Meet Your Unelected New Leaders

Oh wait, sorry ... technical glitch ... don't know how that happened. :-)

Here's the correct photo:
The gauntlet has been thrown down. Le Cabal de Trois will not be backing down now.

The next step is to find out whether Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, will demand that a new election be called.

After that, we will wait to learn what Governor General, Michaƫlle Jean, decides. If she gives permission to the trio above to take over the government without any such mandate from the Citizens of Canada then she will forever destroy the notion of democracy in the eyes of all who actually care about democracy.

Eventually a federal election will be held. When that occurs the citizens will be given the ability to decide whether they approve of Le Cabal de Trois. We can only hope that enough people will realize that the Liberals and NDP need to be punished so severely that no one will ever attempt this again for at least another 100 years.

Postscript: All those in support of a proportional representation voting system better realize that should it come in - either here in B.C. or elsewhere - that such dysfunctional government will almost certainly become the norm.


Walter Schultz said...

The Canadian stock market (S&P/TSX) dropped 864 points today. The single biggest drop in percentage points since the infamous crash of October 1987. The "markets" hate uncertainty and the Liberals & NDP supported by the Bloc coalition have definitely spooked investors. There is a message in the markets, piss us off and we will punish you.

I’m a half full kind of guy, and I believe this unholy alliance will allow Canadians to fully understand what a truly left wing government would do to the Canadian economy. I can't wait for them to end poverty, end homelessness, bailout heavily unionized industry, and protect all the jobs in their favorite vote friendly provinces. If they take power I think they will be too smart by half and they will have difficulty in establishing priorities and making tough compromises.

If the 3 take power, Canadian government will be a committee designing a horse and winding up with a camel!

ward said...

"If they take power I think they will be too smart by half and they will have difficulty in establishing priorities and making tough compromises."

Walter they will not have to worry about such arcane nonsense. There is no way to remove them from power once they get it. They have given themselves a 2.5 year mandate.

They will not be voted in and they cannot be voted out.

Mark said...

What? You mean Hu Jintao wasn't elected by the majority of Chinese?

Stop playing around Rob. Next you'll be telling me that a lame duck party leader who had his butt handed to him in the last election will be our next PM.

April 1st is still many months away!

Anonymous said...

This is hardly what you'd expect in a country with PR. It's because FPTP rewards geographically localized parties like the Bloc that we have a strong separatist party which is supporting a minority coalition (usually the point of having a coalition is that together they form a majority) - all this is pretty unusual, and we can thank our current system for it. And with the Bloc and our current funding structure I expect frequent coalitions for some time.

Under PR majority coalitions are the norm (sort-of like the one negotiated between the Libs and NDP, but with a majority of the seats, and usually formed right after the election with everyone aware of the possibility ahead of time).