Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Must Be A "Radical"!

On CKNW this morning, the sentiments are running 9 - 1 against Le Cabal de Trois. Yet there's always that one ... in this case it was an elitist liberal woman who said that the opposition to The Coalition is strictly "a bunch of radicals".

  • If it's "radical" to be outraged that the political will of Canadians is being discarded just 49 days after an election then I'm guilty.

  • If it's "radical" to be outraged that a core part of this Unholy Alliance is the Bloc Quebecois, a party devoted to the destruction of Canada then I'm guilty.

  • If it's "radical" to demand that another election be held to let Canadians decide whether their future should be determined by Dion as PM, Layton as Finance Minister, and Duceppe as Godfather then I'm guilty.


1 comment:

nachtwache said...

Me too, I guess. The Bloc shouldn't even be allowed as a national party!