Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elizabeth May Embarrassed to be a Canadian

"It was embarrassing being a Canadian at these meetings," Green Party leader, Elizabeth May said yesterday at a UN climate conference in Poland.

Ain't that just lovely. Considering that the Green Shift Plan of her enviro-brother-in-arms, Stephane Dion, was recently massively rejected by most Western Canadians, what she's really saying is that she is embarrassed to be living in a country with those who disagree with her.

What an ignorant, loud mouthed hypocrite!

Unlike Ms. May, I don't lay down a huge carbon footprint jetting around the world, attending useless conferences populated almost entirely by members of the Radical Left. If they really cared about the environment then ALL of their conferences would be held electronically. But Ms. May would never go for that because then she'd actually have to pay for her own food rather than reaching to the nearest dessert tray.

I have quite deliberately set up my life such that it has a very low carbon footprint. My commute is about 15 seconds. I don't own a car by choice. To get around I mostly take public transit, walk, and bicycle. I don't unnecessarily jet around my country or the world. Yet I vehemently detest the Green Party of Canada. It's a horrible, Radical Left political party headed by a hypocritical ignoramus who exhales more hot air than a field full of cows.

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hms victory said...

But they're don't hold a single seat in Parliament so they are absolutely harmless as far as possessing political power is concerned.

Unlike the Super Left Friends coalition.