Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Incredible Power of MSM Propaganda

I was just talking on the phone with an older Chinese-Canadian lady I've known for several decades. I affectionately refer to her as "Auntie Mary". She has worked hard all of her life to give the very best to her family. She lives on the East side of Vancouver and while her & her husband live in a nice home, she frequently expresses to me her concern about all the crime in her neighbourhood.

So I was a bit surprised to hear that she was planning on voting for the NDP today. She added that she very much hoped the Conservatives did not get a majority. I was not disappointed, just surprised.

I responded as follows: "You do need to go out & vote and you should vote for who you think will be the best candidate and/or party. For me, Law & Order is by far the most important issue in Canada. And that's why I hope that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives get a majority government."

She then said that Law & Order was also her #1 issue. "Then why on earth are you voting for the NDP?", I asked. "I mean, I fully understand why other people vote for other parties. Their issues are different from mine, but if Law & Order is your primary concern then how could you vote for anyone else than the Conservatives?"

It truly is an amazing phenomenon to see how effective MSM brainwashing can be to sway someone away from their core issues through boogeyman propaganda. Joseph Goebbels would be terribly proud of the CBC and other like minded media institutions.

P.S. If the Conservatives do win a majority and do not dramatically tighten up the laws involving criminals then I have a LOT of yard work to do for Auntie Mary!

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