Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frontier Airlines: The Shape of Things to Come?

On the flight to Texas and then to Chicago, we went on Southwest Airlines. They're a great airline with the friendliest staff and brag in their advertising about no hidden (or less than obvious) fees.
On the way back though we got a good deal on Frontier Airlines, which took us all the way back into YVR in Vancouver. At least it *seemed* like a good deal. I should have more carefully read the fine print. Their rules are in transition and we were almost charged $25 for each of our first bags and $50 for each of our second bags. The lady in Chicago was kind though and charged us only $25 x 2 for our second bags.
Additionally, on the flights, additional surcharges included:

  • $3 for each snack item
  • $6 for 24 channels of Live TV
I'm not complaining, just observing. As a long time aficionado of the aviation industry, I'll be interested to see which business model more flyers flock to.

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