Thursday, December 04, 2008

Peace Offering Made to CBC Loyalists

My Dear Socialist Friends,

While I will never understand why you think the way you do, I actually do have great empathy over the way you must be feeling today. Sincerely I do. Probably pretty much the way I felt after Messiah Obama won last month.

Anyhow, there's an old expression that when things get so bad you can either laugh or cry. The former emotion is always preferable. In that spirit, I offer you this.

And look on the bright side: Dion is now finished. So is Rae. Michael Ignatieff will likely emerge the new Liberal leader, in no little part for staying away from a regime that he rightly sensed was going to be hugely unpopular with the majority of Canadians, as is now being clearly revealed in polls.

So sometime next year there will likely be a new election with Harper vs. Ignatieff. I won't vote for Iggy this next time but may very well do so the time after that. A healthy democracy requires at least 2 strong parties. We didn't have that during the Chretien years and we don't have that now. But hopefully we will by 2009/2010 and Canada will be the better for it.


Robert W.
Vancouver, BC

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