Monday, December 08, 2008

Liberal Elites Selling Out Canadian Democracy

If this were a different country, what would be the consequences for those supporting a failed coup d-etat, be it violent or peaceful? In this audio clip, move the slider to 7:00 to listen to Conservative pundit, Norman Spector, and NDP pundit, Bill Tieleman, discuss all that happened last week.

BOTH were vehemently against the Coalition trying to seize power in the manner which it did. And you will hear some VERY interesting things about Peter Mansbridge and Margaret Atwood, two elites who would now be in prison or worse if this were another country or another time. But in peaceful, kind Canada there are no repercussions for what many would describe as traitorous actions.

Here's a sampling of what Spector said:

"I think what you've got here around The Tyee, and you hear them on CBC, and they're full in the universities, are people who think you change governments by trickery or in the streets. It's the same thinking as in Solidarity or in the BC Teachers' Federation that thinks he can go on strike or call it illegally and call it 'civil disobediance'. It's the same kind of stuff. This one has infiltrated all kinds of people, who don't know what they're talking about in terms of constitutional conventions. But this idea that parties have a constitutional right to take power in this country without an election is balderdash! You've got a lot of people posing as constitutional experts, who essentially are political operatives. They don't like Stephen Harper, which is fine, but if you don't like Stephen Harper the way to do it is to win an election against him. I believe the Left should unite. I've written that. But I think they should unite before an election, not go into an election, tell people they're not going to do this and then turn around and do it. That is simply fraud. To get the Governor General to do the dirty work for them is simply outrageous."

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